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It's a typical Monday morning

Monday, 07 December 2015

"The green grass and the happy skies
court the fluttering butterflies."
Terri Guillemets.

It's a dark morning

It was very dark this morning, in fact the moon was still out when we ventured out for first lot. By the time we had got to the trotting rings there were one or two other strings there and we all jogged round waiting for the sun to come up to be able to see the canters. We went up the turf on new ground on Southfields. I suppose it was because it was a Monday, but everybody’s horses seemed to be mad fresh this morning, including ours, and I spent a lot of my time along with fellow trainers putting the rails back together on the trotting ring. There is never a heathman about when you want them.

Regal Galaxy leading Ixchell

Bracken Brae was very disappointing on Saturday at Aintree and she ran way below her form at Leicester. She pulled a shoe off in the race and that may have been something to do with it, but she didn’t jump as fluently as she can do so we will give her a couple of weeks to see if anything shows up. It just may be that the flu jab we gave them all a fortnight ago, which is a live vaccine, just takes a little longer to work through the system and makes them feel a little off colour. You certainly never stop learning in this industry. 

Frankland Lodge at daybreak

There are two interesting points in Lee Mottershead’s column today in the Racing Post. One is that Jamie Osborne is stating that trainers often don’t give jockeys instructions and just tell them what they know about the idiosyncrasies ragarding the horse they are riding. In my experience usually you tell the jockey one thing and he does the complete opposite! On a more serious note, trainers and jockeys who get very well paid for blogs on the websites of bookmakers who are not authorised betting partners should be pressurised by the association to stop until said bookie has signed up. It is a very well made point and we all must stand as one if we are to gain in the long run. I just can’t see why the other independent racecourses are dragging their feet over this issue as well.