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A loose one

Tuesday, 08 December 2015

"Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will."

Vernon Howard.

Mr Turner leading the string in the trotting ring

It's a wet, damp and dark morning but not cold, and very little breeze. Although we've had quite a bit of rain over the last few weeks we have had nothing like the poor people in Carlisle, and you have to feel very sorry for all the householders and business owners who have been flooded out. For those of you who have never been, Carlisle racecourse is on the top of the hill. Originally it was in the middle of the town where it would have been flooded, very similar to what happens at Worcester these days.

There was plenty of excitement at first lot with a loose one crossing the Cambridge road in the dark and at rush hour. It then proceeeded to run towards the town before turning left and going down the Black Belt. I thank Darley pre-training personnel who caught him at the bottom and very little harm was done. I must be getting mellow in my old age as I didn't lose my cool, but must also thank the heathmen who did a brilliant job in keeping track of it. Needless to say everything has gone smoothly since and the yard is ticking over like clockwork,


It was great to see and very well deserved that Alastair Down once again won the Racing Writer of the Year Award at the Horserace Writers and Photographers Association awards lunch yesterday. In my opinion it was a major mistake by Channel 4 to drop him from their team as his great knowledge and ability to descibe our sport in words is without parellel. He is a proper person as well.

Evening stables

There's a great article on a golden era of jump racing in the North in the Racing Post. It goes back to the Dickinson and Peter Easterby domination of the sport. It makes for marvellous reading and some of the comments from the trainers are fantastic. I know people spend millions of pounds now on racehorses, but when Peter Easterby says Alverton was only £720 and Little Owl was two grand, you wonder how much they would have been worth in this day and age. His thoughts on buying horses nowdays compared to then are marvellous. There were no videos of young horses to watch he says, "...we hadn't even electric in those days, never mind videos." What a great man. What a proper person.