Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

The temperature has certainly dropped

Thursday, 10 December 2015

"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness."

Leo Tolstoy.

In the trotting ring at first lot

It’s another cool day and the breeze is certainly much fresher this morning. It is very sheltered as you walk down Hamilton Hill towards Southfields, but once getting out onto the trotting rings it is wide open, next stop Greenland, so it was a matter of keeping on the move to help both horse and jockey stay warm. At least we have had no rain this morning, which is no help to the poor people in Lancashire and Cumbria.

Making their way back to the yard after exercise

It’s disappointing to see the independent racecourses not standing full square behind the BHA’s sponsorship deal initiative and especially York who, although stating they are committed to the principle of the return of all bets that are placed on the sport, are still sticking with their sponsors who have not signed up. This is typical of our sport that we can’t all stand together and for once win an argument. It may mean there will be a bit of suffering, but in the long run it would put the industry on a proper financial footing. As usually nobody can stick together and what a waste of time that tripartite agreement looks now.

Even though it's cold the staff are still cheerful

I also see that The Sun newspaper, in partnership with a big Australian media group, is going to launch their own betting product. It looks more aimed at football betting but I am sure it will be only the start and they will soon be gambling on everything. The way people bet on anything nowadays with their phones and computers looks like being the future. The powers that be have got to concentrate their minds to persuade the government to bring in the ‘racing right’ as quickly as possible so that anybody worldwide who wants to bet on our horseracing has to pay at source and it needs to be a sensible figure.