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Heath better maintained than our roads

Monday, 14 December 2015

"When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace."


Peeps and Topalova

It's a damp overcast morning but there's no rain and it's still unbelieveably mild. Everybody is in, working well and in a cheerful mood. The horses have had a good canter on Hamilton Hill. We've been getting them out in good time today as the Jockey Club is going to be tarmacing the pot holes that have appeared on the walking ground. I think the heath is better looked after than the public roads.

Walking round the yard

I see that the BHA have stated that they are keeping costs down to owners with a great announcement which we are all supposed to be delighted with. They say it will save owners about £100 a year which to me is pathetic. Most owners aren't bothered about £100, it's the prize money which needs to go up dramatically. There is one item I think should be looked into and that is the contract that Weatherbys have. Weatherbys do a very good job by the way, but maybe this contract  should be put out to tender and then these costs might be reduced. 

Hold Firm

It was a marvellous showcase for Ryan Moore this weekend in  Hong Kong at the big Internatioanl Meeting, where he rode two winners and a second. He showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the world's best jockey. He is head and shoulders above everybody riding today, and what an example he is for any young jockey to look up to and learn from.