Go to Kempton or Wolverhampton and then you will see what racing is really like ...

Why did they dig it up?

Friday, 11 December 2015

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."

Mother Teresa.

Hold Firm

There was plenty of rain overnight and it was still pouring when first lot pulled out at a quarter to seven in the dark. Two lots have already been out and cantered and with Saleem Golam in, we have got on well so far. The clouds are still about, but it is a bit drier and I think the forecast is for showers and to get colder over the weekend. We have been very lucky this year in that we have got nearly to Christmas without a really cold spell.


My prediction of Yarmouth being a complete mess has come to fruition with them announcing yesterday that there will not be a meeting there until at least June. This means a loss of six fixtures once again, but the NTF tell us that they will be reallocated. Hopefully they will be in our geographical location and on turf, but being owned by Arc, I am sure they will all be on the all-weather and at Lingfield or Southwell. Why oh why they were allowed to dig the track up I don’t know. It has been a complete disaster and so mismanaged it’s unbelievable. Whoever was giving them advice about turf must have no idea whatsoever. All that was needed, if anything, and both Chris Wall and I advised against doing anything, was to take 30 yards of the two ridges up, keep the turf, scrape the ridge flat and put the turf back on. It was simple and would have cost very little, but for some unknown reason an enormous amount of money was wasted and we have not raced since. It was mad to even try last year, but because corporate days had been sold, they tried. It’s a good job they didn’t have a major accident. Let’s hope we won’t get racing again until it is in the correct order. The BHA inspectors who let them race last year must do their job properly next time.

Exercise over, walking back to the yard

I see rails bookmaker Geoff Banks is taking the BHA to court over the Ascot non-runner debacle that happened last July. I think Mr Banks has definitely got a case here as it was a complete mess by the officials and although he is representing himself and the BHA have a barrister, it will be very interesting to see what the outcome is.

Regal Galaxy

This weekend gives us two good days racing at Cheltenham and I hope the ground will not be too heavy and everybody comes back safe. It is a very tiring track in heavy ground and the way the races are run, usually at breakneck speed, you can get incidents, but it will be great watching and the new grandstands will get another test before the festival in March.