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It's simple and would work

Wednesday, 06 January 2016

"I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught."

Winston Churchill.


We woke up to a damp, misty morning and it’s got progressively foggier ever since. It’s still very mild though and everybody is now wanting two or three weeks of good old fashioned hard weather. It must be on its way and I am sure I will soon be complaining about that. First lot went up to the Cambridge Road poly and I think they all must have had a brain transplant over Christmas as there were certainly not many cells used when cantering. It improved greatly at second lot after a very mild talking to. I must have calmed down a lot in my old age.


Topaling didn’t run too badly yesterday, although she pulled a hind shoe off at some stage which didn’t help her cause, but I think she is starting to come down the handicap and will be more competitive in the future. She is a funny filly at home, in that she only does what she fancies and you have to run her to fine tune her fitness. I doubt I will be having any runners this weekend in the heavy ground over hurdles as it drags the bottom out of the horses and it takes far longer to recover.

Regal Galaxy

I spoke about the TV yesterday and that debate rumbles on, with people coming out of the woodwork agreeing with what we have been saying all along. It amazes me how it has taken the powers that be so long to realise it.

There are two things I would like to comment on today. The first is the approved betting partnership, with Ascot sitting on the fence completely, along with York. This is very disappointing, as our two biggest and best independent racecourses are acting like armies in the olden day when they would stand on a side hill and wait to see which king was winning the battle before siding with the winning army and reaping the rewards. Many a county and vast tracks of land have been won in the past using this tactic, but when the BHA announced in triumph that we had a racing agreement between all parties, which would speak with one voice, I didn’t think it would take long before this would happen.

The whip rule is the other thing to mention and it has reared its head once again, as it always does when money and big races are involved. I have always advocated that we should keep the whip and I thought we had got it right when the number of times a horses could be hit was made a rule. However, these rules are constantly being broken. Sir Mark Prescott and I have always had this one simple thought that if the number of hits was breached, the horse should be disqualified wherever it finished. It is so simple and it would work, but there are people who have different agendas and are very much against it. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but a rule is a rule. If a player is offside at football the goal is disallowed, it’s not given as half a goal and the player fined a week’s wages, it’s not a goal and the same thing should happen in racing. If the rule is broken, it is not a winner. I am telling you now that if our rule was brought in, the jockeys would stick by it religiously and it would make for much better racing and it would definitely be much better to watch. The no whip at all group and animal rights agenda grows on a daily basis and the constant news of whip bans does nothing to diminish this. Our rulers have got to be strong and bring it in as quickly as possible. There can be no fudge and different penalty for this, that or the other. If you hit it more than the allowed number, you are out. It’s simple and it would work.

Astrosecret at first light