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Extra prize money is added to Royal Ascot

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

"To read a book for the first time is to make an acquaintance with a friend; to read it for a second time is to meet an old one."

Chinese Saying.

Sweeping Beauty and Heavensfield

It’s a bright morning, but much colder and thank goodness no more rain overnight. We have had a very good morning so far, with two lots of workers using the Rubbing House polytrack canter / gallop. I am pleased to say the horses all seem in very good form and I think we are getting back on the right road. I still have one or two that are coughing, but they are the very young ones who have not been in very long and have had all their injections in the last month. They are all eating well with no temperatures, so you just have to monitor them and carry on.


Blue Bounty ran very well yesterday to finish second. He did everything right and just got mugged on the line by one coming up on the inside. I don’t think we have had him any better in his life. He looks very well and his minor problems seem to be behind him. If I am happy with him, he may run in a very similar race, at the same track, on Sunday.

Cantering upsides on Hamilton Hill

I see Ascot have put £1million extra in prize money for the royal week, which is very good news for the connections of the top horses running there. This seems to be the fashion at the moment, keeping the top races going upwards, when the lower grade races for the majority of the racing circus continues to go down. Ascot says it is so they can attract international runners, but these runners are incentivised to run by paying their airfare and looking after the connections when they are here. I have stated before that you get nothing in subsidies for going to American or Australia, but Dubai and Hong Kong are very good for a very few horses.

It certainly looks to me that a premiership of racecourses is developing and in a few short years we will have, most definitely, two tear racing. Greyhound racing is decreasing in size very quickly, with many tracks closing and when Wimbledon goes, which it surely will do for building in the near future, there will be no tracks left in London. This is the way racing will go in the next 20 years with many tracks being built upon and just the premiership courses and all-weather racing promoting the sport. Our leaders have very little foresight, or if they do they are not telling us what they are thinking.