Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

We have one runner today at Chelmsford City

Thursday, 14 January 2016

"A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love."

Mother Teresa.

Mr Turner and Dixon upsides on Hamilton Hill

It started off clear and bright, but quickly became overcast and we have had a real mixture of weather since first light. Rain, sleet and snow have been coming down in big showers and the wind has not helped by being quite strong. Saying that, everybody has been in and we have cracked on with two good lots without a problem. Five yearling colts came in on Tuesday and we have already started to get them into full swing with the breaking process. We will now see how good a breaker Ricky is as we have heard plenty of stories, but so far he is giving a very good impression of being a horseman.

Lost The Moon

We have one runner today with Bracken Brae at Chelmsford City in the 5.40. I would have loved to run her over hurdles once again, but with the ground like it is, it is much safer and sensible to keep her on the go on the all-weather. I think she will run a sound enough race, and should certainly have an each way chance. At least the prize money at Chelmsford City is keeping up, although I see they do have a couple of £4,000 races there today.

The Mastercraftsman ex Delitme filly

I have always sung the praises of Chester as a racetrack. It is a fantastic place to go with very good prize money. The owners are looked after better than anywhere else in the country and even if your horse runs badly, you would have enjoyed the day. The course executive has come up with an appearance money scheme, which means every runner at the track will be going home with no less than £400. This is a fantastic move on their behalf and just goes to show what a well-run racecourse can do. I will be endeavouring to have as many runners as I can do at the track in the coming season, as we have been very successful there in the past and the owners always enjoy themselves.

Dot Green

I am glad to see the BHA turned Corals proposal down. It is typical of the bookmakers to make this sort of suggestion. They have been milking this industry for 50 years without putting the right amount back. At long last the powers that be have made a stand and we have a chance to get our finances vaguely into order, especially if the money goes to the bottom end where it is so badly needed. I just hope that our leaders have the strength to hold on and not cave in under pressure. A short term hit will put us right in the long run.