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The simple ways are the best

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

"Don’t let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with."



There was another good frost overnight and a most marvellous red sky as the sun came up. We have been using the Rubbing House polytrack and Hamilton Hill canters, which are in great condition and apart from a few minor blips, all has gone well in the yard so far. 

Sweeping Beauty leading Heavensfield

It was interesting to see that the racecourse attendance hit six million last year and that the people who are entrusted with trying to grow the sport, are very pleased with themselves. It may be so, but with more pop groups than ever, Tony McCoy’s retirement roadshow and three race days, plus very good weather, it has not been hard to see why the increase has occurred. It is good news for the racecourses, but the one thing which should now increase is the prize money, as without the actors you have no show. It is still completely dire in the middle to bottom range and this needs to change urgently. 

Trotting up Hamilton Hill

I often go on about why the BHA has it offices in London and how much cheaper it would be to be situated in the midlands, somewhere in a position where everybody can get to enquiries a lot easier. I have a situation on Thursday when, with two runners at Southwell, I had hoped they would both be ridden by Saleem Golam. I have been told by his agent that he is required in London, as a jockey has appealed against a ban and he must attend. This means he will not be able to take the rides for me. I have a brilliant substitute in Joe Fanning, but that is not the point. The point is, why do they have to hold an enquiry in London where all professionals cannot possibly get anywhere in time? It would be far easier if it was in the midlands and was fair to everybody, but as usual simple ideas are made complicated.