They are not children ...

Our first foal of the year arrived on Saturday

Monday, 25 January 2016

"Love is the poetry of the senses"

Honoré de Balzac.

A beautiful red sky morning

It’s nine degrees this morning and a bright sunny day. It has been a busy weekend with plenty of visitors and the first foal of the year on the stud. Everybody is in this morning, although there have one or two coughs and splutters form staff.  All the horses have been out cantering on a variety of racecourse side polytracks.

Cantering single file on racecourse side

Azure Mist produced the first foal of the year at Dullingham Park, when she had a chesnut filly by Mount Nelson, just after 10 o’clock Saturday morning. She has been due since the 13th and this was her usual week or so over. A good strong attractive filly, she has very similar markings to her mother and she was soon up and sucking. We have got another six or seven due in early February and it looks like being a busy time for the next month.

The Mount Nelson ex Azure Mist filly foal born on Saturday

There have been a few articles lately on how much the middle range jockeys earn and there is one today on the cost of apprentices and conditionals. These all make very interesting reading and really their income is all down to the prize money situation. The apprenticeship system in this country has always needed a shake up and I am sure we don’t encourage enough young people to take out licences, BUT there needs to be a proper programme of apprentice races with a good sponsor and it getting  high profile press. We have talked and talked about this, but nothing seems to ever get done and until it does, there will always be a lack, or only a few new apprentices standing the test of time.