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We have a busy week ahead

Monday, 01 February 2016

"Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest."

Larry Lorenzoni.

Circling at 1st lot

It’s dry at present, but there is plenty of wind. It is a very similar forecast this week to last week, with lots of wind, bands of rain and spells of dry weather, but cold in between. We have had a very busy morning and everybody has mucked in well, as we have got one or two staff on holiday or ill. All the horses have been out, with just a few on the walker and we have been using Hamilton Hill polytrack as our main exercise of the morning.

Topalova leading Sandwood Bay on the Hamilton Hill

There will be a few runners this week, with two tomorrow at Southwell and then some more on Thursday or Friday. We have got several three-year-olds which didn’t run last year and they are all progressing very well. February will soon fly by and it will be the turf flat season before we know it. I was thinking yesterday about my four / five canter mornings, which we always used to have at this time of year on Bury Side. We would do a town sand canter, down railway land, around Waterhall and then back down the centre of Waterhall and back up railway line with a good walk home. I think this time we have got more opportunities for those mornings over this side, with the two Links canters and Choke Jade also opening up. These canters have been there for centuries, but are rarely used. I think I will be showing a lot of the staff some new areas of the heath shortly.

"I want to see mummy", Azure Mist and her Mount Nelson foal

It was very sad to lose Terry Wogan at the weekend. He was a great friend to racing and always took a keen interest in everything that went on. He was a close friend of Sir Peter O’Sullevan and enjoyed success as an owner with several horses. His Wogan’s winner on his breakfast show was always very popular and he was certainly one of the most popular broadcasters of our age. He did so much for charity, including Sir Peter O’Sullevans lunch each year.