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Not a bad morning weather wise

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

"Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened."

Jennifer Yane.

Cantering up Hamilton Hill

It’s a dry, but cool morning and the ground on the Links where we were cantering first lot, was on the good side. There was also the start of some grass growth and I don’t think that actual gallop has been in as good a condition in a long time. Everything went reasonably well, but there was an educational chat afterwards.


I went to a seminar yesterday given by the National Trainers Federation as the BHA are starting to get very keen on their enquiries and what instructions have been given to the jockey. With the amount of races that we have on a daily basis, and with so many different jockeys riding for so many different trainers, it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the paperwork regarding entries etc, never mind having to have paperwork with the instructions written down as to what you have told the jockey. Text messages and emails are being advised as a guarantee about being believed. It’s all mumbo jumbo as there is a very tiny percentage, and I mean tiny percentage, of horses that are not run on their merits. I would love the BHA to be in the paddock with everybody and hear the instructions given, as usually it is the complete opposite of what happens. It is not an exact science and numerous things can happen in an instant in a race. It seems to me that the BHA are trying to make money for themselves, a bit like police with speed cameras.

Authorized ex Four Miracles

There is a big meeting today between the BHA and the bookmakers about the authorised betting partner policy, but low and behold Nick Rust is not going to be there. The Racing Post said he is required for another BHA meeting. It is like playing a game of football without the referee, or playing cards with the King of Diamonds missing. It is a waste of time. If you are going to have a meeting, have the proper people there and sort it out one way or the other. It’s typical of our industry, have another meeting where nothing will come out of it.