Go to Kempton or Wolverhampton and then you will see what racing is really like ...

The turf season will soon be upon us

Thursday, 11 February 2016

"For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth."

Sanskrit Proverb.

Wrapped up against the cold in the trotting ring

It’s a calm start with a mixture of sunshine and cloud. It is one of those perfect winter days, with a slight ground frost. We have had a real mix cantering morning with all the horses, using plenty of different canters and things keep progressing the right way. The time will fly and before we know it February will be over and we are into March, the month that the turf flat season starts. It is amazing how quickly it comes round and it seems like only yesterday we were at the yearling and horses in training sales.

Prayer Time

Injuries can happen at any times to horses and you will see today that Irelands best novice chaser will be out for some time with a suspensory problem. It happens more with jumpers than flat horses because of the stress and strain of jumping and landing, especially in heavy ground. There is never a good way of telling an owner that their horse is out for a year, but the sooner you do it, the better it is for all concerned. There is a lot of veterinary help for these problems, but basically with a tendon or suspensory, it is time that is the cure and the old adage, patience is a virtue, comes into play at this time. However, it is very frustrating for all concerned, especially when you have such high hopes.

Walking back home down Hamilton Road

I see they are still thinking of Catterick as an all-weather track, although the north will now be getting Newcastle on stream very soon. Catterick would have been the perfect place for an all-weather course, although it would have been very tight. Newcastle will have the mile straight and it will be fascinating to see how that progresses. I have said before that in 20 years we will have many more all-weather tracks as they are cheap to run and can continually produce the product for anybody to bet on, whether it be morning, noon or night. I don’t think anybody in the powers that be has a plan, or have any foresight as to what our industry is going to be like in the future. It seems to me to be very short-sighted and just live for today, rather than what we expect from them, leadership and the ability to put our industry on the correct footing for the future.