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The third foal in on the ground

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

"To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."


Cambridge Road polytrack with the grandstands in the distance

It’s the frostiest morning of the year so far, but an absolutely beautiful morning with very bright sunshine and a good hard frost. It was one of those times I was just thinking to myself it’s why I love being a racehorse trainer. I was standing waiting for the string to canter by me on the Cambridge Road polytrack. The view was fantastic of the racecourse and the whole of racecourse side gallops in front of me, but within minutes we had had an incident on the gallops, which resulted in one of the staff going off to hospital in an ambulance and the horse, unfortunately, having a fatal injury. It was one that Angie and I owned personally and we had bred, so it certainly dampened the spirits of the day. We had just had a foal the night before and then within hours we have lost one. The old saying ‘where you have livestock, you get deadstock’ is very true, but it’s never easy to take.

Prayer Time


Astrosecret leading Careless Rapture and Regal Galaxy

A very nice colt foal by Garswood, out of Cushat Law arrived just after 6 o’clock yesterday evening. The mare usually takes a few hours to make up her mind, but on this occasion she was soon down and the foal popped out. It was a bit quick, but everything went as well as could be expected and the foal was soon up after the normal tumbling tries and got the idea of sucking very shortly. It looks a good strong colt, a good hard colour and very similar to its father. 

Garswood ex Cushat Law bay colt

I see the Craven Stakes at Newmarket has changed its conditions and have abolished the penalties for Group 1 and Group 2 winners. This should make this a much more competitive race as last year’s top two-year-olds with Guineas aspirations should be much keener to run over the course that they are going to have to run in the Classic. Whilst on about penalties, we have all just seen the new two-year-old programme for next year, with their new penalty system. I think they have got it nearly right and a few bits of fine tuning could see it work well. It should enable two-year-olds to win a few races and encourage owners to have two-year-olds in training.