They are not children ...

We have had a much better morning

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

"An old man in love is like a flower in winter."

Portuguese Proverb.

Mr Turner

It’s cold this morning and we have just had a very mild frost, but thank goodness there is still only very little wind. It has been a relatively good morning exercise wise and we have had two full lots out already. The new two-year-olds are really starting to get the idea now and although we will not be pressing them, they are cantering very nicely.

Blue Bounty

After yesterday’s dramatic day, it is good to report to everybody that the rider was not badly injured, thank goodness, although when he was carted off to the hospital in the ambulance, he was complaining about his back. Quite rightly the paramedics took all precautions, but we picked him up early afternoon and he is in work this morning. There has been a few incidents lately on the heath where ambulances have taken quite a while to arrive, but I must say yesterday’s was there very quickly. The other thing to mention is that we had the senior partner of Rossdales, our veterinary practice, with us within 10 minutes of the accident. We are so lucky in Newmarket having these top class facilities and the vets we have are the best in the world. It is like you having the top specialist as your GP.

Medicean ex Astrolibra two-year-old

I was at the racing school yesterday giving a lecture to the prospective trainer’s course on the life of a trainer and my experiences and advise for them starting off in the profession. It was a real mixture, but it went very well and I think they got the gist of what I was trying to explain to them. Not only does the school train the stable staff of the future, there are numerous courses for everything you can possibly think of, from clerk of the coursing to tractor driving. It is very well run and although I often get a lot of complaints from other trainers about the quality of staff coming out of it, I always tell them to go and visit and see for themselves how hard everybody is working. The young staff that come into the yards have only had 10 weeks of training and are definitely not the finished article, but if they have survived the course, they are well on the road to being an asset in the yard as they gain more experience.