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Another winner at the weekend

Monday, 22 February 2016

"The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are."

Jim Morrison.

Bracken Brae and Peeps

After a wet and windy night, it is reasonably calm this morning, but very overcast and damp. After watching the Countryfile forecast for the week, it looks like we are in for some very cold weather as the week progresses. Also, they don’t seem to know what is going to happen by the weekend, as the jet stream looks to have gone mad and has dived south into the Mediterranean. It could be that we are in for a very strange mix of weather once again. All the horses have been cantering on Southfields this morning, whether it is the turf or the all-weathers and so far so good.  All the staff are in very good form, as winners always cheers everybody up. 


We were delighted with Blue Bounty’s win at Lingfield. He did it very well and the time was pretty good. He looks to be getting quicker as he is getting older and I was pleased that he came left handed, as his best form has been either straight or going right handed. It was great to see a good turnout of his loyal owners, and I am sure they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Now he has got himself off the mark, I am sure he will be doing it a bit more frequently.

Topalova also delighted me with her run against much more experienced and wound up individuals. She travelled well for a long way and then just got a bit tired. I am sure she will be alright as she gains strength and experience and will uphold the family tradition of being more than useful. 

At the end of his exercise, Topamichi gets a cooling washdown

It seems like I have been doing nothing but driving this weekend, as not only did I do two days’ work before I left for Lingfield on Saturday, where I didn’t get back until half past seven, eight o’clock, I then went down to the yard to get the box that was coming back from Lingfield as we needed it for covering mares early Sunday morning. We have two two boxes. One lives with us at the yard and one lives at the stud. They are invaluable as you never know when you are going to have a problem and you have to take a horse to the vets very quickly. On Sunday we had a mare to cover at Newsalls Park at 7.30 and one at The National Stud at a similar time, so both boxes were required. All went well with the coverings, but by the time I had got back, washed the box out at the yard and got home to sit down with a cup of tea, the vet had arrived to check the mares that had recently been covered. One needed a cross cover, so I was on my way again, back to Newsalls with said mare for 2.30. It was just one of those normal, mad days for this time of year. Thank goodness the phone didn’t ring in the middle of the night to say mares were foaling, but I can say with confidence, that we should be having one or two this week.