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The article in the Racing Post on Mystic Meg is a must read

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

"I’m holding a teardrop for a friend

until his heartache and misery end."

Terry Guillemets.

Walking over to the turf canter


Smile That Smile

It feels a warmer morning, but it might be because I have been doing a lot of walking about the heath. First lot went on New Ground and Southfields turf which required me walking a good way across to see them canter back. Second lot was quite memorable for me, where I was in top form informing a string that jumped  in front of us on Southfields round and caused havoc with the exercise. I think the culprits got the message and I hope it doesn’t happen again. It seems to be the only problem that we have at this side of the town, where you have a few pre-trainers who are not up to date with the rules of the heath. It’s a problem that the Jockey Club will have to sort out as I have several of my fellow trainers up in arms over similar incidents.

Astrowizard leading Dixon

I see the BHA is set to take over the co-ordination of race planning at the lower levels of the sport. This is supposed to improve field sizes and optimise the available horse population with the spreading of opportunities for each type of horse throughout the year. It is also supposed to eliminate race type clashes, i.e., having five similar races in one week and then none for the next two weeks, also the geography spread of the fixtures will be coming into their thoughts. When you have a day with Fakenham, Yarmouth and Huntingdon, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand the public will be very thinly spread. Don’t hold your breath though until we see what actually happens. I think the thinking is right, but what happens in practice is another matter. 

Astroshadow being ridden by Saleem

There is a great article today in the Racing Post on Mystic Meg and her horses and broodmares, with Rayvin Black improving so much this year over hurdles. He was a very good horse with us and has just strengthened up as he has got older, loves soft ground and jumps well. The enjoyment that Meg gets out of the mares and foals is tremendous and like all our other broodmare and stud supporters, Angie and I are constantly doing our best to breed winners for them. All the stud staff work incredibly hard at Dullingham Park and in David we have a high class stud groom, really well supported by the Khan family and Ryan, our maintenance man.