They are not children ...

We have one runner today at Chelmsford City

Thursday, 25 February 2016

"There is just one life for each of us: our own."


Regal Galaxy

It’s one of the coldest mornings so far, with the temperature now just over freezing and we have had a good hard frost. It was trying to snow a bit as I drove in first thing, but I don’t think we are going to get much, it’s just going to continue to be very cold for the next few days. Everybody is in and working well and we have kept the exercise pretty close to home because of the hard ground. Hamilton Hill polytrack has been in full use and it is so helpful having it on our doorstep. However, the Jockey Club Estates, in their wisdom, are going to dig the first furlong and a half up on Monday and it will be shut for at least a week. This is very inconvenient for everybody training this side. Why they have done this is completely beyond me as there would have been uproar if they had of done it on Warren Hill.

Bracken Brae

We were pleased with Topaling yesterday. She ran well to be beaten around three lengths in what was a blanket finish at the end of two miles. She has certainly started to get her act together once again and I am sure we will be stepping back into the winner’s enclosure shortly.

Our one runner today is Hold Firm, who runs in the 8.10 at Chelmsford City. He is always ultra-consistent, is drawn well tonight and must be in with a shout at the finish. He is a pleasure to train and always does his best, both at home and on the track. Let’s hope he can keep the run going.

Peeps leading Heavensfield

As you can gather I am still here after yesterday’s Newmarket Trainers meeting where myself, Sir Mark Prescott and Nick Patton, the chief executive of the heath, had plenty to answer as there were a lot of questions from the floor. These matters take time to resolve and we must get them right for the future training professionals of Newmarket. It is no good being short-sighted, you have got to look 20 to 30 years down the line, although sometimes you are guessing as to what may happen. The main problem is the congestion of horses at the bottom of Long Hill and Warren Hill, especially at this time of year in the spring, when everybody wants to use the same piece of ground. We are going to be trialling a few suggestions and I am sure, with common sense, it will work smoothly. There was plenty of support for a new hill on racecourse side, which would be very helpful to all racecourse side trainers, including myself and several trainers who train in the middle of town. If this hill is built, it would take a lot of the congestion away from Bury Side. However, all these suggestions take time and the planning process is very slow, especially the road crossings that have to go before the councils. They also cost a tremendous amount of money, but I am sure it would be to everybody’s benefit in the long run.