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The both ran a good, sound race

Wednesday, 02 March 2016

"Freedom is never given; it is won."

A. Philip Randolph.

Warming up in the trotting ring

We had another good downpour of rain during the night, with plenty of puddles welcoming us as we arrived in the yard this morning. Thank goodness it’s stopped raining now, but it’s much colder than yesterday and I think snow is forecast for the next couple of days. It may not reach right down to East Anglia, but I think a lot of the county will have a light covering before long. We have been using New Ground turf this morning as our canter and although the rain has got in, there was plenty of new ground to work on. Everybody who is in (yes we have two non-runners again) is in great cheerful form as the horses continue to run well.


Both the horses ran with great credit yesterday. Peeps was second and once again ran a good sound race. Although she still remains a maiden, she can’t be far off putting that right. Blue Bounty also ran a very good sound race with the winner looking a blot on the handicap and surely should be followed until he is beaten. Blue remains in great form and has been ultra-consistent. I am sure he will continue to be so.

Cantering on New Ground turf

I am going to a BHA presentation today at Tattersalls who, along with Great British Racing, will be giving us updates of current industry issues and the strategy for growth. It will be fascinating to hear what is spouted and I will update you all tomorrow with my opinion. They are holding three of these seminars across the country and it is an open invitation to anybody interested in the sport to attend. It will be interesting to see who is there from Newmarket and what questions are asked from the floor.