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Trew Class had a filly foal last night

Friday, 04 March 2016

"A house without books is like a room without windows."

Heinrich Mann.

Topalova and Dot Green

It’s a cold but sunny morning and looking at the weather forecast, it looks like up to now we have got away without any snow. I think there is a bit forecast for over the weekend, but today is a glorious, cold, sunny morning. We have been doing some good half speeds on the Rubbing House polytrack and the horses are progressing as well as I could hope for this time of year. All the staff are trying hard and are beginning to understand what I am planning for the horses, which makes all the difference.

Hold Firm

We were delighted with Prayer Time’s run yesterday. He travelled well and was just outgunned on the day by a more experienced rival. He certainly stayed OK and it opens many more options for us. He has done remarkably well, getting back from a very bad cut on his hind leg nearly a year ago. This run now gives him a platform to move forward and improve. He jumps hurdles very well and that will certainly be an option for him going forward.


We had another foal last night. Trew Class had a filly foal by Epaulette. She is a good size and everything went as smoothly as it could do. This mare usually has big foals who take time to develop and I am sure this one will be no different to the others. Kathleen Francis and Jennifer J are two that have won for us out of her. She was a very good race mare herself, winning several races including one memorable day at York when the owner very kindly took the trainer and jockey by helicopter. It was one of those days you will never forget. Let’s hope this filly will do the same in years to come. That is the great thing about breeding horses, you are always looking forward and thinking of the future, whether it is their mating plans or running plans. It is so exciting and there are so many stages and experiences you go through. We have always got mares for sale, at all price ranges and you can become involved very easily, whether it is a whole mare or a small share. If you are interested at all please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for further details.

A bay filly by Epaulette out of Trew Class

In Nick Rust I think we have got the best Chief Executive the BHA has had since the beginning. He is strong, he understands what is needed and for once, I think has racing’s interests at heart, rather than just taking the money. This government announcement of the recovery of overseas betting money has shown what can be done if everybody works together and there are a lot of people who should be thanked for their work behind the scenes. We are not counting our blessings too soon as there will be many rivers to cross yet, as the bookies will undoubtedly try and wheedle the rate down to the lowest number, but I think if we hold firm, we will get a proper return for our endeavours.

Topaling walking in the sun