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Back out cantering on Hamilton Hill

Monday, 07 March 2016

"Be open. And then the truth follows."


Topamichi on the Hamilton Hill

We woke up to a sprinkling of snow this morning and also a good hard frost. There is a slight breeze and the wind chill factor is making it as cold as it has been all winter. We have been on the newly refurbished Hamilton Hill polytrack canter all morning and all the horses were showing their wellbeing in no uncertain terms. So far our riders have managed to hang on, but there have been one or two loose one to contend with from other strings. It makes for a bit of excitement.

A bay colt by Delegator out of Four Miracles

After Thursday’s foal we had another one over the weekend. Four Miracles produced a colt foal by Delegator, who was soon up and sucking. This is her fourth produce and we have the other three in training. Hold Firm (three times winner), Permera, who is full of potential and an unnamed Authorized two-year-old colt who is cantering away with the string. This new colt looks very correct and the mare will be visiting Fast Company, who has come over from Ireland this season. That makes it three of each so far, colts and fillies, and at least we have got enough to fill two fields.

Walking back home after exercise

Most of you will know that going descriptions given by the Clerk of the Course is one of my bugbears and it is one of those items that drive us all barmy and frustrate us. Huntingdon on Sunday was a typical case in point. We don’t live very far away from Huntingdon and we have had so much rain here in the past week that I couldn’t believe the ground was being called soft, good to soft in places, right up to the time of declaration and nearly up to race time. I didn’t run horses there because I thought the ground would be too soft for them, even though the description had good in it. I see the official going on Sunday was soft, heavy in places, which is what it should have been called all along. We are kept in the dark by these Clerks, who just want to maximise their fields, and with the owners having access to all the facts like we do, putting pressure on trainers to run. There ought to be some fine that these Clerks get for misleading us with their ground descriptions, but I wouldn’t hold your breath as I think it will just continue to happen.