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Prayer Time comes home a winner

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

"The wise man reads both books and life itself."

Lin Yutang.

It's a misty start to the day

It much more overcast this morning, but there is no wind and it is still quite warm. I think the forecast for the Easter weekend is for it to get much colder and wetter, with the Jetstream moving to the south of us. We have had a very busy morning, but everybody has been pulling together and we are getting on well. I sent a few fillies Across the Flat, similar to yesterday and they all really pleased me and the rest of the string stayed much closer to home on Hamilton Hill.

Sant'Elia leading Dot Green and Permera

We were delighted with Prayer Time’s victory yesterday. He has had to overcome a very bad hind leg injury, when he was struck into last year. It has taken an unbelievable amount of time, patience and care by everybody involved. He is a bit of a character to say the least and would sooner try and bite you than give you a lick, but he performed with credit yesterday. He was given a very good ride by Saleem who is riding with so much more confidence now he is back in the fold. I was thrilled for the Sarabex family who bred this gelding and get so much pleasure out of the whole experience.

The July Course, Across the Flat

I see the headlines on the front of the Racing Post today are “must do better”. This is after an internal review of the BHA’s disciplinary procedures. Nick Rust stood up to be counted, which is all to his credit and apologised to two of my colleagues who had been accused of different crimes, but both cases were dropped when there was no evidence. The long-time factor with both cases must have been terrible for the people involved and their reputations, although not found guilty, must have been compromised.

We need a professional body in the BHA who know what they are doing on integrity, whether it is betting orientated, drugs, or a number of other issues. I think the whole staff there needs a shake-up. It was amazing to see they actually admitted the team lack the expertise to properly judge the merits of a given ride and there was a feeling of them and us between the sports participants and the BHA. We need people who know what they are doing and understand the sport thoroughly, not ex-policemen types who knows nothing whatsoever about how racing works. This may take some time to get into place, but it must be high on Nick Rust’s things to do.