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It's a lovely spring day

Tuesday, 05 April 2016

"A man is not where he lives, but where he loves."

Latin Proverb.

Prayer Time working with Dot Green

It’s a much better morning with bright sunshine, very little wind and the temperature is holding up well. I don’t know how long it will last though, as watching the forecast last night they were telling us it was going to get much colder during the week with heavy showers and the wind was going to get up, so we will enjoy it whilst it lasts. We have had a very busy morning already, with a load of hay arriving about 8 o’clock, plus Saleem coming in. We have done some fast work Across the Flat and second lot cantered on Southfields round. All the horses look a picture. There are only one or two giving a little cough and the majority of them look very healthy.

Walking back into the yard after exercise

Topalova ran ok once again yesterday. She is still very green about everything, in the paddock, at the stalls and when being asked to accelerate. Most of her family have taken time to twig what is required, but as they get older and stronger, they improve. Being by Champs Elysees I hope she will stay very well and from mid-season onwards, over a mile and a half plus, I am sure she will get her act together.

Time for a nice pick of grass

It is the big build up to the National at the weekend all week in the Post and I see there has been quite a lot of chat about the weights and how horses can qualify to run. They are trying to compare it with the Melbourne Cup where the handicapper can change the weights at the last minute and horses can win in the previous week and get into the race. Here we just have the top 40 in the weights get in and even past winners are not guaranteed a place. I think this is because it has become more of a fast run handicap over four miles plus, than a unique race which it has been in the past. It may be that we want to look into the entry criteria, but it doesn’t want to get complicated and nobody travels half way around the world to run in it as they do for the Melbourne Cup.