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Happy Birthday Guv'nor

Thursday, 07 April 2016

"It's your birthday to-day, so why are we waiting?
Without further delay, Let's start celebrating."
Norman Wesley Brooks, 1967.

Happy Birthday Guv'nor

It's a very cold morning, certainly not helped by the strong breeze which is making the temperature several degrees cooler. My day started in the early hours, which I predicted yesterday, when Astrodonna produced a lovely filly foal by Farhh at 1.36 this morning. All went well and the foal was soon up and sucking. This is the second foal we have had by the stallion this year, and he certainly stamps them in his own image as they are both attractive bays with no white on them. We had a full complement of staff in this morning and we have been using Southfields Round as our exercise of the day - so far so good.

Trotting up Hamilton Hill

Smile That Smile got bogged down in the ground yesterday and also pulled a front shoe off, so the combination of the two inevitably made her run poorly. I blame myself with the  ground as the tracks that have jumping on all year and then revert back to the flat don't have time to recover at this time of year. She has come back home OK and I will regroup, wait for better ground and maybe a shorter trip. 

Time Down Under

It's the start of the National meeting today at Liverpool which is always three days of great racing and merrymaking. The Liverpool people know how to have a party and there will be plenty of sore heads  win, lose or draw. Our tipping competition starts today with the first tries below.

The heathman working on Hamilton Hill

RICHARD MARRIOTT                            RACE TIME                             THE GUV'NOR


       Garde La Victoire                                                                                           Aso


       Ivanovich Gorbatov                                                                                     Footpad


       Don Poli                                                                                                            Cue Card

  1.        My Tent Or Yours                                                                                         Annie Power


       Pacha Du Polda                                                                                              On The Fringe  


       Katachenko                                                                                                     Bright New Dawn

  1.        La Bagu Au Roi                                                                                              Augusta Kate

                                                       ALL HORSES TO A £10 WIN STAKE  

Thank you for all my birthday good wishes. I'm still going strong and don't feel a day over nineteen. If you had seen and heard me at 5 to 7 this morning you would agree.