They are not children ...

We have travelled up to Catterick for our runner

Wednesday, 06 April 2016

"A good book has no ending."

R.D. Cumming.



It is much colder this morning. It’s very overcast with a good breeze and we have had several showers already, which always seem worse in the wind. I have kept the horses close to home once again and we have been using the Hamilton Hill polytrack as our cantering ground most of the morning. We have had plenty of visitors so far today, with new owners getting involved in the syndicate horses. I have got a great assortment to offer, both colts and fillies and prices ranging from nothing to £25,000. It is a no brainer to come and have a look, get involved and I can guarantee it will be a fantastic experience which could possibly change your life forever.

The morning has finished for these horses, now back into their stables

We have one runner today at Catterick. Smile That Smile runs in the mile and six handicap at 4.05. She will like the ground and the trip should suit, however, I am not 100% positive about the track, but she is drawn well and with everything going our way, we should certainly not be disgraced. I sent her up yesterday and she has travelled well, eaten up and had a good lead out this morning.

Becky the farrier

We have had two mares in the foaling boxes for what seems ages now and they are bursting at the seams to foal, but seem to keep hanging on. Our man who sits up has had one or two false starts already and both Angie and I were convinced that last night would be the night, but no, they both decided to stand quietly and as I always say they will only come when they are ready. They could both possibly have them tomorrow on my birthday, and that would make them pretty special. We are getting all the others in foal, and have already got half the mares tested. Most of the rest have been covered and are awaiting results. It is always good to get them back in foal at an early stage so that they can foal in groups, which is very helpful with putting them into the right groups when out in the paddocks.