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Regal Galaxy runs at Wolverhampton today

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. – Viktor Frankl.

Working on the turf

It’s a glorious morning, plenty of sunshine, no wind, no rain and the temperature is holding up well. I am told though that it won’t last as it is going to get much colder as the week goes on. I have been galloping Across the Flat on the turf with a few first lot and all has gone well. Most of the others have been using the Rubbing House polytrack and Hamilton Hill.

Sant'Elia and Dot Green

We have one runner today. Regal Galaxy runs at Wolverhampton in the mile and a half maiden. She ran very well last time when finishing third in a similar race. She has Mark Johnston’s to beat, but I am sure she will be in the money and once we go handicapping and up in trip a little, she will be very competitive. Anybody interested in trying ownership for the first time must get involved in her as it’s a no brainer as a starting off point. I am giving you a twelfth share, which is yours, it is not leased, it is owned, all that needs paying is £250 a month + VAT from 1st march. If you are at all interested please phone the office on 01638 661434 or Jenko, our Syndicate Manager, on 07774 784497.

Yarmouth racecourse

I visited Yarmouth yesterday just to have a look at the track and to see how it was doing. I had a long talk with the groundsman and it looks in much better condition now. If only they had left it a whole year rather than have the incidents we had last year it wold have all gone smoothly, but I think now, they will be able to race in June. However, the groundsman tells me it will take him another year at least for it to get back into the condition it was before they dug it up. How all the Newmarket trainers have missed it as it is a perfect short day out for the horses. I am told the maiden races are going to be worth a lot more this year and let’s hope they are as it will attract all the big names to the track. Put the prize money on and the players will appear. It’s a simple as that.