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Working in racing is a great life

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life."

Pablo Picasso.

Blue Bounty

Desert River

It’s a lovely bright morning with no wind, but the temperature is pretty low and if you are in the shade it is cold. All the horses have been out doing a variety of different exercises and we have used several canters at first and second lot. I am very pleased with how they are looking and moving, just a bit of warmth and I would be a lot happier.


We were very happy with Regal Galaxy yesterday who ran right up to her form to finish third again. She is on a good handicap mark and once there are some opportunities for her in her own age group and right trip, we can expect her to win at least a couple of races this summer. She is attractive, tough and genuine and as I said yesterday is a perfect introduction to a racehorse syndicate. (See syndicate page).


The fallout from the Newmarket article still continues and I was on the TV news last night explaining my thoughts on what has gone on. As I said then it was written to win a competition and is a long way from the truth. Our support services in Newmarket are second to none and it is disappointing that an ill-informed piece of journalism can get into the national press. There is no better life for a young person than working in racing. It is healthy, it is exciting, you can travel the world and you make friends for life. I can highly recommend it to anybody.