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We have one runner today at Lingfield

Thursday, 28 April 2016

"A fool thinks himself to be wise but a wise man knows himself to be a fool."

William Shakespeare.


It’s a bright morning, but absolutely freezing. There was a slight frost which has now gone, and thank goodness, once again, there is no real wind. The exercise of the morning has been cantering on the polytracks on racecourse side and so far so good.

Velvet Voice

Mr Turner ran very well for a long way yesterday before not getting home and it looks like a mile and a quarter is too far for him, but on the other hand once again the ground was completely different to what the course had told us. All week we had been told it was good, with a going stick of 8.3, but it was soft, holding, sticky, horrible ground, with very little grass on it and how the going stick could be as high as that, it must be a false reading. The ground was changed after the second race, but it should have been called good to soft at least all week. The BHA must do something about these racecourses which just blatantly give false ground reports to entice runners. There will be plenty more days for Mr Turner who is a high class horse.

We have one runner today. Peeps at Lingfield is in the 2.20, the nearly two mile handicap. She always runs consistently and if getting any sort of luck today, will not be too far away.

Heavensfield at Chelmsford City on Monday

I see the racecourses are blaming bad weather for the 12% drop in attendance for the first three month of this year, but I am not so sure about that. There is just too much racing and people have only so much money to spend and so much time they can have off. A lot of the courses also count owners and trainers and any Tom, Dick or Harry working on the course as attendance. I keep calling for a reduction in the fixtures list, which would help both the courses themselves to recover and the horses to have a better plan, but the racecourses call the tune in all departments at the moment, whether it is race planning, fixtures and especially prize money. Commenting on this last one and race planning, when you have a committee of over 19 people in a room you can never get anything done. I have always called for centralized race planning with a dictator rising or falling on their performance.

Plenty of snow in Yorkshire yesterday (courtesy of the touring Marriott family)

I must mention John Kiely who had a fantastic winner yesterday at Punchestown beating all the top horses in the Punchestown Gold Cup. He is 78 and still rides out, what a brilliant man he is and what a great trainer. Congratulations to all the stable.