Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

We have two runners today at Beverley

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

"In my friend, I find a second self."

Isabel Norton.

Mr Turner leading Prayer Time

We have had a sprinkling of rain overnight and it has been spitting on and off most of the morning, but it has only dampened the dust and my shoes didn’t really get very wet as I walked across the heath. It is forecast to get much colder at the weekend. We worked first and second lot on the peat moss gallop which has only just opened and was like a carpet. It is the best bit of ground in town and it must be looked after and not abused by other strings cantering on it rather than galloping.

Smile That Smile, Sweeping Beauty and Heavensfield

We have two runners today, both at Beverley. Topalova is our first runner at 4.30 in the one mile two furlong handicap. She unseated her jockey last time when clipping heels at Chelmsford City and I am hoping that experience will not have put her off. We are on the turf today with a middle draw, but you have to be in the right place at the right time and I am just hoping for a sound run today from her. Permera is our other runner at five o’clock. She makes her reappearance after three good runs in maidens and a moderate one in a nursery at Pontefract. I think the ground will suit and I am nearly sure she will get the trip, but we will learn a lot after today’s run. 

Sandwood Bay upsides Regal Galaxy

Topamichi, Sing Me Sing Me and Bracken Brae

I see Windsor is the latest track to come a cropper from watering. Last night it had to abandon racing after three races because a bend were causing concern as it had become very slippery. Why these racecourses are obsessed with watering and having good in the description is completely beyond me. It only causes problems, is completely unfair to horses that want fast ground and have been waiting all winter to get it, and as for racegoers, they have lost their money as there are no refunds after three races have taken place. The courses are also obsessed with filling in holes with sand and this also makes the ground very hard and slippery. If I were in charge of the BHA, the Racecourse Association, or whoever makes these rules, I would ban the use of sand on tracks, make them fill the holes in with good top soil and I would limit watering only to when the ground is possibly going to be hard. Even then horses would run as they have done in the past at Bath, who has no watering system. There the ground is often called firm, hard in places. There are some horses that like it. I also would fine any clerk of the course who gives false going reports and I would throw the going sticks away. We need people running the racecourses who know what they are talking about, not marketing / financial wizards who are only thinking of the balance sheet.