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They need the right people in to interview

Thursday, 12 May 2016

"In childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking out. In memories of childhood, we press our nose to the pane, looking in."

Robert Brault.

Warming up in the trotting ring

It’s a perfect summer morning. The temperature, wind and atmosphere you just could not better and the horses look fit and healthy in the sunshine. We have had a good morning exercise wise with good strong cantering work being done on various artificial tracks and all has gone very smoothly so far. With a full complement of staff in, although we could do with one more rider, it’s all ticked over like clockwork this morning. 

Sing Me Sing Me leading Topalova and Regal Galaxy


It is interesting to see Steve Dennis in the Racing Post pick up on the comments made on Channel 4 after Adam Kirby had ridden the big winner on Saturday at Ascot. The major problem with some interviewers is that they don’t know what actually happens in racing. Adam Kirby is a top class jockey who works unbelievably hard. He never stops working, whether it is riding out, at the races or at home on the farm they have where his mother trains greyhounds. To call him an all-weather jockey is very disrespectful. Both he and Luke Morris, who is also very successful on the all-weather, are very similar. They may not have the top jobs, like Ryan Moore, or the flamboyance of Frankie, but they are both determined talented jockeys who deserve to be treated and talked to properly. Their opinions should be taken note of.

I always think it is very silly that we have jump jockeys interviewing flat jockeys. It never happens at Cheltenham. Just think what it would be like to have a flat jockey interviewing a jump jockey after they have won at Cheltenham. Although they are all massed together and called “jockeys” both codes are completely different. I hope when ITV launch their new racing team they can get this sorted out and lets have professionals who know what they are talking about on the programme. I have said it before that when you watch football all the pundits are either ex-players or managers. When you watch cricket you have all ex-players. You watch tennis and rugby and it is all ex-players, but when we have racing we have so many punters and form experts which drives people away in droves. Everybody has made up their minds who they are going to have a bet on and don’t need to hear any persuasive argument. They would like to see the horses in the paddock and cantering to post.

Sweeping Beauty

It is the second day of York today with the Dante as its feature. This is usually the best Derby trial of the year and with plenty of runners today, let’s hope a star horse will be on show. If you have never been to this meeting, it is another one like the Chester May meeting, you just must attend. If you want value for money, whether it be racing, entertainment and champagne, York is far and away the best.