Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

It was a bitter sweet weekend

Monday, 16 May 2016

"Each day is an opportunity to travel back into tomorrow’s past and change it."

Robert Brault.

Farhh ex Astrodonna (L) and Sea The Moon ex Battery Power (R)

It’s a dry start with high hazy cloud and with no wind, the temperature is holding up well. It’s already been a hectic morning with a loose one running round the yard, due to farrier leaving the door open, and I have taken out our runner today because the ground has gone to good to firm at Brighton. 48 hours ago it was soft when we declared and now it is good to firm. It just shows how stupid the 48 hour declarations are and how annoying it is to all connections involved and why you get non-runners galore. There must be a better way and system so that it works for all concerned.

Malcolm Franklin with his Paco Boy ex Jewelled foal

As I mentioned above, Smile That Smile does not run at Brighton today, which is frustration as I am desperate to get some runs into her, but it is a waste of time running on ground that is going to be much too fast. Our runners over the weekend have been interesting to say the least. Heavensfield ran a very sound race at Newmarket to finish fourth. She got very unbalanced when running into the dip, but stayed on well and there are races to be won with her. Our two yesterday, well you just couldn’t have written the script. Topamichi was badly hampered at the first and hit the deck and in the process brought down our other runner Prayer Time. So for no fault of their own they both came back in one piece, but with several cuts and bruises. It is so disappointing for the owners when this happens but to have two fall at the same hurdle and one caused the other to fall, is a first for me.

The Red Arrows at Shuttleworth Air Display courtesy of the Marriott family

... and swooping in

The BHA has got to get their house in order pretty quickly with the debacle over their disciplinary chairman. Why nobody could see this after it had been pointed out to them a year ago is anybody’s guess and it looks like there will be several enquiries over the last couple of years which could be appealed. It is not always easy to get it correct, but the BHA personnel are paid a lot of money to get this right and they, at present, have made a real mess of it. They say they are going to be fully open and transparent about the wider matters that have arisen, and they will be issuing a full statement in the not too distant future. It would be interesting to be behind closed doors at present, but think to yourselves, this is the professionals livelihood and all enquires need to be treated fairly and openly.