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Visit Market Rasen

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

"A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out."

Grace Pulpit.

Olly and Dan on a recent visit to the yard

It's an overcast morning with a threat of rain which I think will reach us at lunchtime or this afternoon. We have had a normal cantering morning which has gone well so far and I have had a couple of tricky stalls horses being put through their paces at 5 to 7. Both fillies started to get the idea much better and they certainly are not frightened of the stalls just having teenage tantrums. We shall be doing the same tomorrow with them and, if all goes well and improvement continues, we can put one forward for it's stalls test and the other one can be entered to run. 


Helmet ex Theola being ridden

It just shows you how delicate racehorses are with both So Mi Dar and Midterm having slight injuries and missing out on their classic  targets. After the excitement of planning campaigns for horses both for the trainer and especially the owner, it can be so frustrating as things can happen at any time which rule the horses out of their scheduled races. It's enough to drive a saint to drink but it is one of those things that has always happened in the sporting world and demonstrates the very fine line between success and disaster.

Velvet Voice

Although our trip to Market Rasen at the weekend was a day to forget racing wise, we were very kindly asked to lunch by the Racecourse Chairman, Colin Booth. He was rightly proud to show us all the facilities Market Rasen has and I must say I was impressed. The owners and trainers facility is very good with excellent food on offer. The members facilities and general areas have been upgraded and the main restaurant had a lovely menu at a reasonable price. If all smaller tracks could reach this standard it would be a great asset to the industry. My campaign for disabled facilites was well received and in fact they had already installed several extra double doors which allowed wheelchair access. The viewing area was for once in a very good position with an easy ramp and a great view of the whole racetrack. My only point here was, and one that I'm sure will be acted on and hopefully be at all tracks eventually, is the need for some shelter over this area to protect veiwers from the wind and rain. Don't forget that Market Rasen is primarily a winter jumping track

Peeps after her washdown

The Owls now know their opponents for the 28th. Hull City hung on against Derby last night and it will now be an all Yorkshire play off.