Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

We have just the one runner this weekend

Friday, 20 May 2016

"Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies."

Swedish Proverb.

Dixon and Time Down Under

It has been overcast and warmish first thing with the threat of rain in the air. We have had another hectic morning with both fillies through the stalls once again, and this time it went without a problem. Yesterday’s accident turned out to be just a cracked rib, which I thought it would be and was very funny in the end. Yarmi, who was the person involved, was carted off in the ambulance with his coat and shirt with him. I talked to him several times during the morning and the last conversation went like this.

“Hello guv, I have got a cracked rib and they will let me go when I can walk, but where is my jacket and shirt?”

“Yes Yarmi, it went in the ambulance with you.”

“Oh they must have left it in the one we had an accident in.”

“An accident, what happened?”

“A car pulled out in front of it at Six Mile Bottom, there was a big thud, I nearly fell off the trolley, it must be in the old ambulance.”

“So what happened then?”

“I got transferred to another ambulance.”

“Your coat and shirt must be in the old one then Yarmi.”

“Thanks guv, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You just could not write the script. All the other horses did a really good exercise and I am delighted with their progress. There are several two-year-olds who can now start to quicken up and I will be doing so during the next fortnight.

Authorized ex Four Miracles leading the canter

Our runner last night looked, on the face of it, disappointing, but I think the winner got a perfect ride. Our jockey was quite slow on the uptake as the race was run in a very slow time and developed into a two furlong sprint. The less said about this race the better, especially in my earshot. I just feel sorry for the filly and for connections as she should now be a winner and we should be looking for better things. The only one mitigating factor was that it was pouring with rain and even though they were only calling the ground good, they had watered it and it was definitely on the softer side.

Bracken Brae, Lost The Moon and Permera

We only have one runner this weekend. Prayer Time runs in the novice hurdle at Fakenham on Sunday. He has no problems after his unfortunate incident last weekend and I think getting him out quickly is the best idea. It is also the Irish Classic weekend which will obviously be very intriguing. The ground looks like it is going to be perfect at the Curragh

Making their way back after second lot

We have been trying to register new owners recently and this is another matter which needs to be urgently reassessed. The Racecourse Owner’s Association should really pull their fingers out here and get everything simplified. The main problem we find is that Weatherbys are so unhelpful and their rules and regulations are completely alien to normal people. It used to be so much easier to get registered and have a financial account, but nowadays it is a nightmare. The new Weatherbys Bank system is a monopoly and they can really do what they want. There are one or two helpful people, both in the bank and in the racing department, but the majority of them don’t understand what is required. I would make it compulsory that they all work in a trainers office for a couple of months and get as frustrated as we do. We need to encourage owners, not the complete opposite.