They are not children ...

We have one runner today at Wolverhampton

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

"Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame."

Henry David Thoreau.

Mr Turner and Desert River

It started off warm and sunny, but as the morning has gone on clouds have rolled over and the wind has got up a bit. I don’t think we will be getting a lot of rain and it looks like staying this way all week. I have been working horses on the watered gallop this morning which was absolutely perfect, plenty of grass cover and just the right going. There would be no better ground anywhere and as I stood there with Malcolm and Max Franklin there was nobody about and we were all in a different world. Everything moved smoothly and will be racing in the near future.

Smile That Smile and Regal Galaxy

We have one runner today at Wolverhampton. Topalova runs in the 4.15 and the champion jockey, Silvester De Sousa, rides and I think she will run a sound race today. She ran well at Beverley where the track didn’t really suit her and got a bit hampered. This track should suit her more today. I am also taking a couple of horses to Yarmouth this morning to gallop on the surface. I will be going there myself to watch them perform and see how the track rides and hopefully they can start to race there very soon. I will be reporting back tomorrow.

Astrosecret and Heavensfield

It’s the second in the three part series on the stable staff shortage and today it is how the industry is trying to turn the situation around. Recruitment and retention is on their list but I see no comment on the accommodation side of things. It will be interesting to see if that is mentioned tomorrow in the last part. The BHA and all its team with highfaluting titles, i.e., vocational training manager, careers marketing and recruitment advisor etc. etc. are all well and good, but you need people who can enthuse about the job in schools and colleges. It is a great life with people of your own age and you are riding the best horses in the world. What more do you want as a young person than to be paid well, work outdoors, have great craic and have the chance of seeing the world? I don’t think there is a much better job for young people who like horses.

Cantering on Hamilton Hill

I must mention the disabled facility at Fakenham which is the only one I have seen with a roof on and sides. It is also in a very good position for viewing as it is quite raised and just by the winning post. There were several disabled racegoers there on Sunday and the facility was pretty full. Horse racing is one sport that people with a disability can get involved with, especially ownership, as with all the TV channels they can follow the sport on a daily basis which gives them plenty to look forward to. Although the facility for viewing was one of the best I have seen, the toilets were another matter and there were plenty of problems with accessing the disabled loo at the back of the buildings. No wheelchair could get in or out over a rim which was in the doorway and something needs doing about this pretty quickly. When being told about it in the office, the girl informed my owner that they knew about it, but if they knew about it why wasn’t something done? It is just little things like this that spoil the day out and are so simple to rectify.