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Horses going in all directions

Thursday, 02 June 2016

"Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside."

Violet Sueno.

Bracken Brae

Another damp cold morning, it's not actually raining but there is a fine mizzle which requires your windsceen wipers on at intervals. The horses have been going in all directions, some up to the schooling ground, some Across the Flat and some staying on Hamilton Hill. We have one or two with temperatures that are having an easy time, and I mainly put it down to the weather as we have gone from hot to cold and wet.

Lost The Moon

I see the BHA have brought in a top QC to take an overview of all the cases that have gone on in the disciplinary department recently. This is a good move on Nick Rust's part and he has acted quickly to get this into place. The buck always stops at the top and he has taken responsibility but there must be one or two of his generals who should be taking the flack.


                                       sweep__prayer            Sweeping_2                

Prayer Time and Sweeping Beauty

We need one or two new members of staff in the yard, experienced full time riders are what we are looking for. The team here work brilliantly and all get on very well. There is plenty of craic and fun to be had in a professional environment. It's getting harder to find the good staff in a very competitive market but there is more opportunity to progress in a yard like ours. 

Becky the farrier's dogs