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We are going to Lingfield tonight with one runner

Tuesday, 07 June 2016

"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails."


Lost The Moon working with Dot Green

Mr Turner with Desert River

It is another very warm morning and we have been working horses on the Peat Moss gallop on racecourse side. It was absolutely perfect and there was nobody out when we worked two lots over five and seven furlongs. All went well and we will be starting to have plenty of runners from now onwards, if they all stay healthy. I had one or two temperatures last week and a couple of bad blood tests so we will be carefully monitoring the horses before they run.

Astrowizard, Sant'Elia and Permera

Topaling was very disappointing last night, but as you know she does absolutely nothing at home and after a month off the track she blew for 20 minutes and I put it down to her not being fit enough. I will be trying to run her every seven to ten days from now on as she seems to gallop on the track where as she won’t raise a canter at home. She’s a real character.

Our one runner today is Peeps who runs in the 8.20 at Lingfield. She has run well here before, has very little weight, Joe Fanning on board and we must have a chance of running well tonight.

Dixon, Time Down Under and Sandwood Bay working second lot

I see the BHA has turned its finances around after a big deficit last year into a small profit this year. Their chief financial man says that there were fewer abandonments and a good level of owner’s registration that boosted income late in the year. It is amazing, there are lots of different headings and they all add up to turning things around he says. He is dead right in that fact. It is the owners, trainers and everybody else involved in racing who always pay, especially the smaller ones. The wages and Weatherbys were a huge proportion of the outgoings and these must be looked into. If you took a look at the professionals finances who keep the show on the road, it would show a poor picture.