They are not children ...

We have one runner over the weekend

Friday, 10 June 2016

"The important thing is not how many years in your life but how much life in your years."

Edward J. Stieglitz.

Regal Galaxy and Astrosecret

Heavensfield and Dot Green

It’s a close muggy morning with no wind at all. I took first lot over to gallop between the banks on the peat moss turf gallop, and it was in great condition. We have managed to get one or two new good riders which helps tremendously and everything went as smoothly as could be expected. Second lot we had a couple through the stalls and the two-year-olds cantered on the Rubbing House polytrack in groups. It all seems to have ticked over well this morning. Let’s hope it lasts.

Permera and Sweeping Beauty

Prayer Time leading Astrowizard and Smile That Smile

We were pleased with Sandwood Bay yesterday, our first two-year-old runner of the year, who, although slowly away, showed plenty of promise and with this run under her belt will be much more competitive next time. Desert River got a bit tired, but behaved very well and he is sure to come on a lot for the outing. I won’t be long in running him again, possibly next week. As for Mr Turner, I am baffled as to what trip he wants. He is such a good looking horse and has all the right attributes but as yet has failed to show any ability. I am sure it is there, it is just a case of getting him to put his best foot forward.  

We will be having one runner over the weekend. Lost The Moon makes her debut at Sandown on Saturday in the mile and a quarter maiden at 4.30. She is a big scopy filly who will benefit enormously for the experience. This maiden looks a pretty good one once again.

Desert River in the parade ring at Nottingham yesterday

The track at Yarmouth seemed to ride well yesterday without any hiccups, but I will wait to see what will happen when they get plenty of rain as I think it will be another matter then. My disabled campaign continues and Yarmouth has a very small disabled facility just past the winning post where you can only get three wheelchairs on. It was full yesterday with several others not able to view, so I think some thinking needs to be done to resite the whole stand. The other point about Yarmouth is the judge’s box on the far side of the course was put right in the way of the member’s view of the big screen and why nobody thought about moving it to a more suitable place is beyond me. It doesn’t take rocket science for these small things and let’s hope they are adjusted for the next meeting.

Comrade Bond in his new home

I see my comments on the new extra evening plan for 2017 were agreed with by the Jockeys Association, the Stable Staff Association and the National Trainers Association who all concur it would put more untold pressure on the ever pressed professionals. With nine races over the two days at Yarmouth worth less than £3,000 to the winner, and the last one yesterday worth under £2,000, we need the minimum rates to rise considerably across the board and be uniformly guaranteed by all the racecourses. It is getting more than a joke and owners will constantly leave the game if this is not sorted quickly.