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Topaling runs tonight at Nottingham

Monday, 13 June 2016

"Every civilization is, among other things, an arrangement for domesticating the passions and setting them to do useful work."

Aldous Huxley.

Topamichi leading Gee Sixty Six and Time Down Under

It’s an overcast morning with no wind. The forecast for the whole week looks like it is going to be showery with sudden downpours, but then sunshine. If you look at the going reports for the courses during the week you will see that it varies from soft to firm, so it is hit and miss and I hope you get the right ground when you have got a runner. James, my head lad, is off for three days, yes I do give them holidays, and I was in at 4.30 feeding the horses. It is a great time of the morning and you know which ones are well when they are trying to get into the bucket before you have put the feed in the manger. Every one of them was very pleased to see me this morning and only a couple of fillies, that are quite finicky eaters, took a while to eat their breakfast. Everything has been cantering on Hamilton Hill this morning doing one or two canters and so far all has gone smoothly.

Indian Red

Our runner on Saturday, Lost The Moon, ran very well, making her debut. She was very good to saddle, in the paddock and going in the stalls. She jumped out well and travelled but just got tired passing the furlong pole. The experience will not be lost on her and if she is ok, rather than doing any fast work this week, I may run her again on Friday at Newmarket. However, the ground there at present is on the firm side, so I hope we get a thunderstorm or two during the week. It was great to see the owners and children of Lost The Moon enjoy it so much as it is their first horse and runner. I did rather spoil them by running it at Sandown which is a very well run track.

We have one runner tonight in the ten past nine at Nottingham. What a time to have a race. By the time the horse has had a rest and the lads get sorted out it will be about 10.30 before they set off, which means past midnight before they are back home. Why they couldn’t have the first race at six o’clock or even 5.30 is beyond me, but as I said last week the powers that be and our so called leaders have no idea whatsoever about how a racing stables work and the pressures that everybody is under.  We all need to work together to get this matter sorted out for the best, but don’t hold your breath as it is like talking to a brick wall and the suits don’t actually understand anything about our industry. I hope Topaling can run better tonight. It’s back in trip, its softer ground and a different jockey. She has got the ability, don’t forget she has won six times, it all depends on what mood she is in.

Picking Grass after exercise

It’s the start of Royal Ascot tomorrow with five days of unbelievably good racing and to me Tuesday is the best day of the lot. I will be having my normal tipping competition with Richard Marriott, who has managed to beat me over the jumps this winter, and I hope we can point you in the right direction every day. It is another one of those meetings you must go to sometime in your lifetime, but if not, open a bottle of champagne, put a flat cap on and watch the TV, but turn the sound down as the drivel you will hear from the commentators and tipsters will drive you bonkers.