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We had a quiet day with the horses

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her."

David Brinkley.

Astrostorm on Hamilton Hill

It’s an overcast morning but warm and as yet no rain. It is forecast though and thundery showers tomorrow. After yesterday’s busy morning once again we have had a quiet canter followed by a good long pick of grass. All the horses look absolute pictures and they are very relaxed, both at exercise and having a pick.   

Blue Bounty

I see at last one racing pundit in the Racing Post today agreeing with me that the rules of racing must be standardised. I can’t see why the rule makers of each country can’t sit in a room until they have got the rules sorted and then worldwide everybody knows where they stand. This has all come about from the William Buick affair where, one minute it is a rough house at Ascot and to me doesn’t seem to matter whatever you do in a race (if you win by more than a short head the result will not be changed), but in France if you lightly brush a horse you are guaranteed to be demoted. The rules in France are black and white, unlike here where they are very muddled. Harmonisation is a must worldwide as soon as possible.

Having a relaxing pick of grass

I see a poll has said that 32% of the British population class themselves as horseracing fans and spend an average of £240 a year on the sport. If that pole is correct, and I have no reason to suspects it’s not, that’s a great handle for our sport to hang its hat on when trying to get more acknowledgment on the TV and radio. It drives me to distraction when I hear on Radio 5 live sport about obscure sports, which they can only have two spectators and a dog watching, and we don’t get any acknowledgement whatsoever. After the Derby this year on a couple of sports bulletins I heard, there was no mention of the winner, but we knew who had won the Taekwondo World Championship. You just could not make it up.

Any other suggestions?

We had a few answers to our great butterfly competition, but as yet not the correct one. It is quite a rare species and I am delighted to have photographed it. I will give you until Friday to try again. The girl herself is above.