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We need a proper structured programme

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

"Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it."

Albert Einstien.

Working on the grass Across The Flat

Today is the best morning we have had for ages weather wise. A bright sunny morning, no wind, perfect temperature, all the staff in and everything has ticked over as I hoped. I took several horses across to work on the grass gallops. We came Across The Flat with several bunches of horses and it was like having your own training grounds with no one in sight. On mornings like this you start to find out how the horses are and I can tell you that they are all in great form. They all moved very well and quickened up on the perfect turf. After the rain we have had it has dried out well and is thick and lush underfoot.

Prayer Time, Permera, Heavensfield & Dot Green

Topalova, Topamichi and Regal Galaxy

I don’t know what has happened this year with our horses in the starting stalls, but we have never had as many be awkward in the gates in all the years I have been training. Desert River came from Ismail Mohammed and I think he had had one or two little problems with him, but he has been very well behaved with us, until yesterday. We have since found out he used to wear the blanket when he went into the stalls and this may be one of the reasons for the incident yesterday, as he didn’t wear one. I will be getting him through the stalls test as soon as possible as it is very frustrating when he is fit and well and has the ability to win more races. 

(L-R) Astroshadow, Sandwood Bay, Velvet Voice and Smile That Smile

I have been banging on for years about the lack of a proper apprentice programme, i.e. a structured way of bringing on the jockey's of the future. It seems to have got even more complicated nowadays and I don’t know what the BHA is thinking about for the aspiring youth of today. When I started, if a trainer thought a boy or girl was good enough to ride in a race, the apprentice licence was issued with no questions asked. However, nowadays they have to attend courses, get through all sorts of tests and forms before they can be even let loose on the track. It is just a completely idiotic situation. We need to encourage anybody who is good enough to have an apprentice licence and they need to ride against anybody and in any race. We do also need to have a good structure of apprentice races, especially for those who haven’t ridden ten or more winners. This would encourage people to run horses in these races and it would soon sort out the wheat from the chaff. It is becoming like our English football team. Because we let so many foreign players into our premiership, the chance for home grown players is much diminished. We do not want to let this happen in our own sport, but sadly there doesn’t seem to be anybody at the BHA, or for that matter in the Trainer’s Federation, who champions this cause.