Velvet Vista runs at 5.45 followed by Astrojewel in the 8.45 ...

The going report was changed yet again

Friday, 08 July 2016

"Tears are words the heart can't express."


Gee Sixty Six leading Velvet Voice and Indian Red

It’s an overcast morning with a few light showers of rain. It is very muggy and I think we are due a bit more as the day goes on. We have had another busy morning with horses going up to the sales, a horse in the vets hospital overnight, blood tests whizzing on the fax machine and horses cantering, this mingled with plenty of owners popping in and out has made for an entertaining morning once again.

Stellekaya on the Hamilton Hill canter

The clerk of the course once again changed the going at Epsom when we got there, from good, to good to firm. It didn’t make any difference to Time Down Under who didn’t handle the track in any way, shape or form. Darryll looked after him when he had no idea how to quicken when going downhill and on the camber. I am sure that once we get him over further and on a flatter track, he will show himself in a better light. Topamichi ran a sound race, but the ground was too firm for him and I am sure he would have gone much closer if we had had any sort of juice in the ground. 

Walking back into the yard after exercise

On reading the Racing Post today I see the bettors forum demands non-runners action and seems to think that trainers pull horses out of races by self-certification on a whim. Well, once we agreed to 48 hour declarations, this was always going to happen as the ground changes so dramatically and horses can pick up things very quickly. They can get a temperature, can bruise a foot, and not eat up, all good reasons not to run. The sooner these people realise that horses aren’t cars the better. I would have been justified in withdrawing Topamichi last night on the ground, but I actually ran him and just hope I haven’t jarred him up. It costs so much money to get these horses to the races only to find the clerk of the courses have given you a false account of the ground just to get you there. Until we get back to 24 hour declarations and clerks of the courses who actually know what they are doing and are honest with the professionals, we will always have this problem of non-runners.

Topamichi having a pick of grass

I see a big article today on the sport and how depression is causing problems with the jockeys. It also causes pressure with everybody else in the industry. With the fixtures list constantly expanding, there is never a day off during the year. Only Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be blank next year and I am sure they will soon be running on those days as well. Everybody is working flat out, 24 hours a day. Why we can’t have a break in the jump season and the flat season for a month, I just don’t know, but we are now run by commercially driven racecourses that have no thought for others. Until the BHA has the strength to sort this out, it will be like this.