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We are sending one horse to Wolverhampton tonight

Monday, 11 July 2016

"Modesty is the gentle art of enhancing your charm by pretending not to be aware of it."

Oliver Herford.

     49_Time_Down     54_Careless
Time Down Under (L) and Careless Rapture (R) cantering

It’s much cooler this morning with a good breeze but as yet we have no rain. The forecast is for showers most of the day and for the next couple of days before warming up at the weekend. We ventured onto the newly refurbished Rubbing House canter this morning and I think they have done a good job on it as it certainly rode much better and a bit slower than it had been doing. The company that supply these tracks advise on re-waxing at certain intervals and this one now rides as if it were new. Just like having a service on an old car. 

A refreshing wash down at the end of exercise

We have one runner tonight. Regal Galaxy is at Wolverhampton in the 6.40, the one mile six furlong, three-year-old handicap. She has had a couple of good thirds in maiden races this year over a mile and a half and I think this step up to further will benefit her. Her dam stayed well and I don’t think we should be too far out tonight.

Poppies at the side of the gallops

I wish the powers that be could sort out this last weekend’s fixtures mess which resulted in four big flat meetings on Saturday, followed by only jump meetings on Sunday in the middle of the flat season. I see William Derby, the chief executive of York, was talking about possible solutions to the congested weekend. York has run the Magnet Cup for 57 years and they certainly shouldn’t be the ones to have to move. I think it is barmy that Newmarket moved the July meeting to a Saturday, even though the clerk of the course will crow about the number of people attending. I don’t think the attendance would make any difference mid-week and it showed that with more people there on Thursday, Lady’s Day, than there was on the Saturday. Reverting to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday would be the most sensible thing. Even the bookmakers would like that to happen, as it would increase the turnover on both the Magnet Cup and the Bunbury Cup if they were on separate days. It is not rocket science, it could easily be sorted and why oh why do we only have to have jump meetings on a Sunday in the middle of the flat season? Somebody needs to get a grip quickly and sort the matter out.