Altered Method runs tonight in the 7.15 ...

The sun is shining but it feels quite chilly

Thursday, 14 July 2016

"It is not easy to walk alone in the country without musing upon something."

Charles Dickens.

Hacking up the Links

It’s a bright morning with plenty of sunshine, but if you get in the shadows, you certainly need a coat as the temperature is not very high. First lot went up to do a good canter on the Cambridge Road and if I tell you we never saw a horse all the time we were out, it wouldn’t be a lie. It was amazingly quiet and I think everybody had stayed much closer to home. There were a few more about at second lot when we went on the Hamilton Hill. There were just one or two coughs, but I think they are starting to get back into full swing now.

On The Cambridge Road

Permera didn’t run at all badly last night on what was good to soft ground. I very nearly didn’t let her take her chance, but there were a few owners there and I think it showed to them that she definitely does want good or faster ground to be seen at their best. Harry Bentley gave her a good ride and we weren’t beaten very far. It was a much better run than it looks from the outside. I think she will stay further and once it does dry up properly, there will be plenty of opportunities for her.

Walking back at the end of first lot

We are already starting to get yearling catalogues with the U.S. ones, and now Deauville, which starts in mid-August, have arrived. Deauville is a most marvellous place to visit and this sale always attracts the high rollers from all over the world. It is very much a boutique sale and combined with the great racing they have at that time of year, it makes a very good holiday. It is a very laid back place, being a seaside resort as well. The whole of Paris seem to decamp to this region for August.

Second lot on Hamilton Hill

The BHA is starting to launch a new administration website, which will be all singing and all dancing. You should be able to do all the administrations online in future, but as usual it will take a long time to perfect and there are plenty of teething problems already. They had a training / instruction day yesterday at the British Racing School, where anybody could go and put forward their suggestions as to how it could be improved. I think it was a good start and let’s hope they take all the suggestions on board so we get a top class site which is easy to use and secure.