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It's a very good two day meeting at Ascot

Friday, 22 July 2016

"The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness."

Dalai Lama.

     05_Deserr     13_Regal

Desert River and Regal Galaxy on Southfields Round

It’s very overcast this morning, with no wind and it feels as if we are going to get some rain at some stage today. It is not over hot and the horses have been able to have a good canter on Southfields Round without getting too warm. We still have one or two with temperatures and the odd one coughing and you have to be vigilant all the time and don’t stress the ones that have anything on them. It is the over stressing that does the damage as it takes much longer to recover. A quiet time is much the best thing for a sick horse.

Warming up for second lot

We took Desert River to Yarmouth yesterday for his stalls test, even though I had withdrawn Topalova with a bad blood profile. He passed the test ok although he does get himself a bit upset at the start and I think we need to dispense with the hood and just use the blanket. I will be giving him plenty more practice at home, but am now able to enter him once again and he will, all being well, be running in the next 10 days. There was a good crowd at Yarmouth yesterday with quite a lot of holiday makers enjoying the day out. I was especially pleased to see the tours they do of the weighing room and the course being very well supported. It gives a little bit of an insight into what goes on behind the scenes and if yesterday’s large attendance is anything to go by, it looks very popular.


Time Down Under and Dixon

Tom Kerr makes a very good point today in the Racing Post discussing the authorised betting partner’s scheme when he says ‘why did the BHA sign up Blue Ribbon Betting as a partner only to see them go into liquidation?’ There can’t have been much research into their background and let’s hope it wasn’t just a case of making the numbers up, rather than just another mistake. The BHA cannot keep putting their foot in it on such a regular basis as everything is noticed. They must be above reproach. 

Velvet Voice, Astrosecret and  Sandwood Bay

We have got the big Ascot day tomorrow with the King George. This is a very good two day meeting with excellent racing both today and tomorrow, some top class horses on show and some two-year-olds which could be anything. It is just a disappointment that the big race itself on Saturday is lacking in depth, but it does give the Queen a great chance of a big prize. Let’s hope she is able to attend and present herself with a trophy.