They are not children ...

Glorious Goodwood lives up to its name weather wise

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

"Civilization is a movement and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbour."

Arnold Toynbee.

Regal Galaxy on the watered gallop having her pipe opener

Once again it’s a glorious morning with only a slight breeze. It’s not close and muggy, but the sun will be shortly sending the temperatures soaring. First lot went over to the watered gallop, where we met Darryll Holland and two bunches worked on the perfect ground. Second lot stayed on the polytrack closer to home. Everything ate up last night and I haven’t heard any coughing as yet. We have got the vet coming in later this morning to put a scope down a couple of the colts and let’s hope they are all clean. We will be having a runner tomorrow and one on Thursday. There is so much of this infection in town, and I think all over the place, and you have to keep everything closely monitored. 

Peeps leading Dot Green and Astrosecret

It is the start of Glorious Goodwood today. It’s one of the nicest tracks in the country with great racing in a very relaxed atmosphere and the prize money has been going up since the Qatari’s have started to sponsor the meeting. The views are brilliant and it is a very well organised five days of racing. It is another one of those you must go to and I am sure that once you have been, you will keep going back. The only problem is getting to it, which can be problematic at times. I now know the best way, with quite a few back roads. I have tried many different ways over the years and have now got it sorted, but leave plenty of time as the roads will drive you barmy. 

Astrowizard walking round the yard before exercise

It was good to see our farrier, Becky, hobbling around the yard on her crutches yesterday. She has been to see her specialist who has told her it will be between three weeks to three months depending on how she heals and what damage has been done internally. She is organising everything from her armchair and we continue to get a top class service from her team. 

Becky hobbling on her crutches

We have decided to do a sponsored slim for two very good causes, Riding for the Disabled and the Retraining of Racehorses. I have got several owners signed up already and if anybody wants to take part, please give me a ring in the office and we can explain the rules. Basically it will start from August 1st for three months and we will be sponsored on how many pounds we lose overall as a group. You can have your own individual sponsors if you like as well. We will be setting up an official site to sponsor us and will be keeping you up-to-date on the competition page of this website. The more the merrier.