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Chelmsford City fixtures should not be cut

Wednesday, 03 August 2016

"Columbus found a world, and had no chart, 

Save one that faith deciphered in the skies. 

George Santayana.

Warming up in the trotting ring

After another damp night and an overcast morning, it is now starting to clear up and the temperature is shooting up. We have got a few more riders in today, which has made it a bit easier and we are getting on well. Southfields Round, the Rubbing House and Hamilton Hill polytracks have all been used and third lot is just on its way out now.

Astrowizard and Gee Sixty Six

There is a double page spread today discussing the pros and cons of whether a weight rise on the flat would be of benefit. In simple terms this means the minimum weight would rise and the top weight would rise also. There are arguments for and against. The doctor’s are saying it would certainly help and a lot of others are saying it wouldn’t make much difference. We have had a few high profile jockeys just lately, including Kieren Fallon, who were coming to the end of their career and got depression. My personal opinion is that the weights could go up a couple of pounds, but would it make any difference, I doubt it. I think the major problem with all this is that there is far too much racing and everybody is dashing about seven days a week without having a proper rest and most of the jockeys are snacking constantly, at all different times. They can never get into a proper system and their bodies can’t cope with it. Much less racing would be the answer, but after this week’s new fixture list, our leaders don’t seem to have any thoughts on going that way.

Careless Rapture and Astroshadow

Further to my comments above about jockeys weight, I see that Chelmsford have lost six Sunday meetings next year. This, to my way of thinking, is completely crackers as it is so close to Newmarket. It suits the biggest training centre in the country perfectly, the prize money has always been good there, and cost wise for owners, it is the cheapest to go to other than Newmarket. Chelmsford should have been encouraged as much as possible, as apart from building an all-weather track in Newmarket, it is our nearest course. I know one or two trainers have doubts about the surface, but it is improving and they are trying hard. Why they would lose Sunday meetings is beyond me.