They are not children ...

The Shergar Cup at Ascot runs tomorrow

Friday, 05 August 2016

"There’s time enough, but none to spare."

Charles W. Chesnutt.

Working on the peat moss gallop

It’s a warmish morning and the temperature is rising quickly, in fact it is beginning to feel very close and a good shower or two may be on the way. There were several short, sharp, heavy downpours yesterday, but you had to be very unlucky to get in one. Just as I was coming away from Yarmouth it poured down in the first village and then there was nothing all the way home. With the horses feeling and looking very well, thank goodness, I have been able to get some faster work into them this morning. We used the peat moss and the watered gallop. All went well, although one or two of them had a good blow, but they will be getting back to peak fitness now.

Cooling off

It was a very good run from Dot Green yesterday who gave the winner 7lbs. The faster surface is imperative for her, but she is an improving filly and there is a very good race to be had in the near future with her. I also think she will develop and improve a lot more yet and I have great hopes for her.

Mr Turner, once again, is an enigma. I still don’t know what his ideal ground and trip is. Given a perfect ride yesterday by Stevie Donohoe, he was a spent force between the two and the one. We will have to try him back over shorter and some headgear might suit. In 40 years of training, I have never had such a good looking horse baffle me so much. It may be that he wants very soft ground, it may be he is a sprinter, or it may be that he wants two miles. It is one of those ones you have to suck it and see.

Sandwood Bay, Velvet Voice and Desert River

I see Ladbrokes announced a 34% growth in operating profits yesterday and then complained that they were frustrated by the racing approach by ABP (Approved Betting Partners). They say they have money to invest in sponsorship, but are being held to ransom. That’s not how I see it. Just get on and be a partner. Show your commitment to the racing industry and work together with the racing industry rather than against it. We want the big bookmakers to work with us. It is in everybody’s interest.

Mick and Dawn Legood

It’s the Shergar Cup tomorrow at Ascot, where four teams take part against each other. They have been trying to build this up for years and it has grown mainly on the back of the music night afterwards. There will be a lot of people there tomorrow, but the majority will be there to see the bands, rather than the racing. A lot of money will be spent on the razzmatazz that will be lost on many racegoers. At least you have got Frankie Dettori this year, who hopefully will be milking the crowd, but this team racing never works. I am not being a wet herring here, but the press try to give it so much air time. If they just put on the music and advertise that as much, there would be twice as many people there.