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It was perfect at 6.45 am.

Monday, 10 May 2010

''Personally, I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.''

Sir Winston Churchill

Power of Dreams

It was perfect at a quarter to seven this morning with a clear blue sky and no wind, making it an absolute delight to be out on the Heath but since then the clouds have rolled in and the temperature seems to have dropped a degree or two. All the first two lots have had good, healthy exercises and tomorrow's runners have had their pipe-openers.

Miss Wendy

It will be quite a busy week from now on with five runners tomorrow at three different tracks and then York for the Dante meeting every day. I am a bit disappointed that the forecast is to be dry and cold, so it will suit some of the horses but not the others. Phil is busy arranging a logistical nightmare, deciding where transport, jockeys, staff are all going - no easy task, I can tell you, especially with the deadlines that we work to these days. But, it is great to be busy and all the horses are starting to get out onto the track and give their owners some excitement.

Watch Chain

York is my favourite track and the May meeting is the start of an exciting race programme that they always produce. It is one of the fairest tracks in the country, being flat with big, wide, sweeping turns. The innovation of the round course, when the Royal meeting was held there a few years ago, has been a great success. I have been lucky over the years to have won many races there and, in fact, was leading trainer three years ago. My horses seem to like it for some reason - it must be that I instil it into them and they can understand the local accent. Along with Chester, it is a great example of how a racecourse should be run with a sensible dress code, good bars and restaurants and being very well run with sensible prices. A tremendous amount of young racegoers come to York and a great atmoshere is created with the combination of top class racing, good amenities and reasonable pricing providing the perfect mix. There is nothing for 'Racing for Change' to change at York, in fact, they should copy it's example in minute detail.


Ted Spread

Mystery Star