Go to Kempton or Wolverhampton and then you will see what racing is really like ...

We have been using Southfield Round today

Thursday, 25 August 2016

"There is no investment you can make which will pay you so well as the effort to scatter sunshine and good cheer through your establishment."

Orison Swett Marden.

Warming up in the trotting first at first lot


There was plenty of thunder and lightning last night, but very little rain here in Newmarket. It seemed to go all around us, but not on us. I used to know someone who always said Newmarket had its own microclimate and he wasn’t far wrong yesterday as it was so warm in the morning and muggy, we looked sure to get soaked, but it didn’t materialise. Today we have no wind, it is slightly drizzly at times, but still very warm. We have been cantering on Southfields Round for most of the morning and everything has ticked over well.


Astrosecret ran a sound race last night to be fourth in a slowly run race. She was short of a bit of pace when they quickened, but stayed on and will have learnt a lot. Once I get her over one mile six and back on the turf, I am sure she will be winning races. As for Desert River, he once again disgraced himself by being in a foul mood in the stalls. With every aid fitted, he was just not going to have it last night. Kicking out at the stall handlers didn’t go down very well and he will now have to have another test before he can run again. It is completely out of character for him as he is a happy horse at home, he is a very good ride, and does everything very calmly, but once seeing the stalls on the racetrack, it is a different matter. He will be having a concentrated stalls lesson from now on. I am very sorry for his great band of owners who came to Kempton in big numbers and were so disappointed with him not getting a run. He would have taken all the beating last night, which makes it all the more frustrating. 

Gee Sixty Six leading Indian Red and Dixon

The Jockey Club has just announced the plans for the new hill gallop on racecourse side. It will cost a fortune, but will be an amazing and essential aid to the racecourse side trainers who have not got a hill of any consequence on that side of town. With the shortage of stable staff time is of the essence and taking the long trek over to Warren Hill takes up a considerable amount of time. This new hill will be much quicker and cost effective. It is being built in the most modern and space age way. It will have a start that is dug down into the earth by several metres and the finish will be on a manmade mound. It will also be built on a concrete bridge section in the middle. It all sounds rather special and it is. The Exning trainers will have their own bridge to come over and it should encourage more trainers, both old and new, to set up on this side of town.