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We have one runner at Lingfield today

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

"For all mankind that unstained scroll unfurled,

Where God might write anew the story of the World."

Edward Everett Hale.

Desert River

It’s warm, sunny and dry again this morning, with the temperature going up by the minute. Everybody is in who should have been, although we should have had a couple of interviewees who didn’t turn up, which was disappointing. I just can’t understand why they were no shows as you take great lengths to organise interviews and assessments, only for the young people not to turn up. I don’t think they really want the jobs and may get paid some sort of benefit for just arranging the interview. If that is so, the system is wrong. Anyway, the ones that were in have got on really well and we have got a couple of good canters into everything with them all looking and feeling really well.

       06_Peeps   32_Bracken
Peeps and Bracken Brae on Hamilton Hill

We have one runner today at Lingfield. I think I have found one of the worse races of the year, if not the worse and if Careless Rapture can’t perform better today, she will definitely be finding a good home somewhere. She has always shown me something at home so I am hoping the problems she had are behind her and she can run well today. Dropped in trip from last time, this should be a more suitable one and she has looked in good form this last week.


I see a new report commissioned by the government, which is entitled an ‘economic analysis of the funding of horseracing’ has come out with a report that is very hard to understand. It has also not come out with any real answer and is a very wishy washy piece of legislation that can be taken many ways. It was supposed to help the government in their desire to find a replacement for the Levy, but as usual the people who conducted this seems to have very little understanding of either the economics, or how our sport runs. We will have to wait and see what comes of it all.